Renée Schirmer Contemplative Psychotherapy

Will you join me on a journey of awakening? Working with me will not provide you with antidotes to your pain or steps to a happy life because I do not view pain as the problem. It is what we commonly do with our pain that results in overwhelming suffering. To be human is to experience pain, loss, change and challenges to who we think we are. What if these things are portals; invitations to the discovery of the meaning of life and our unique purpose here on earth? What if the ability to accept and learn from pain enables us to also experience ecstatic joy?

 There is something within you that already knows that
the pursuit of a painless life is an illusion.

 What would it be like to risk knowledge of the truth about who you are and what this life is really about? Thrilling, and scary, huh? Almost always, with insight comes decision points. You are challenged to either recede back into comfortable ignorance or fiercely step into the unknown and become who you were created to be. Nobody else holds the key to the meaning in your life. Only you do. But I would be honored to step onto the path with you. Nobody can do this for you. And you can’t do it alone.

And it’s strange, all the things that I’ve run from
Are the things that completeness could come from.
— Gang of Youths